We publish journals for learned societies, conforming to international standards. We publish books for organisations and individuals both in English and Chinese. Customisation and translation service are available to meet specific needs.

Services include :

  • editorial liaison and support
  • management of manuscripts and peer-review process
  • design, typesetting and layout
  • production editing, references and style checking
  • proof-reading
  • recruiting advertisements
  • printing
  • distribution and lettershop

Publishing portfolio

Web Development

For a new web presence, we start with the planning stage to discuss the needs and aspirations of our client, working out a framework that best utilises the advantages of cyberspace. We offer professional design, both graphic and multimedia, and deploy the latest web technologies to deliver state-of-art websites to meet requirements of clients.

Our experienced programming team can develop sophisticated web-based applications to meet requirements for interactive features, intranet environment and e-commerce business.

We offer a total solution with services including planning, design, multimedia development, programming, hosting, updating and maintenance.

Web development portfolio

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps portfolio

Secretariat Services

Extensive experience in providing secretarial support for societies, including member communications, membership maintenance, document archiving, activities management, etc., a cost effective solution to run a society without the hassle of operating a physical secretarial office.

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